Zagłębie Theatre in Sosnowiec
Dir. Aneta Groszyńska
Part: Gerszon Ram

In the mid-19th century, after the failure of the November Uprising (1831), the followers of Andrzej Towiański formed the Circle of God’s Cause, a strange religious and nationalist sect of messianists and heretics. Along with Towiański himself, members of the sect also included the leading Polish Romantic poets Adam Mickiewicz and Juliusz Słowacki, and also representatives of the Polish intelligentsia in exile in France. Powerless in the face of history, they turned their frustration at their own statelessness into a religious philosophy. Inspired by György Spiró’s novel “Messiások” (“Messiahs”), this is a co-production by Malta Festival Poznań and the Zagłębia Theatre in Sosnowiec.