Szaniawski Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych
Dir. Dominika Knapik
Part: Petronika Selen Gondor

A Woman of Wonder depicts the ruthless dictatorship of [Her Highness] Valida Vrana in a country called Ritonia. Under Valida, people are ranked according to the number of children they have, with boys being the preferred sex. In Ritonia motherhood is not only a compulsory duty but also a tribute to “Her Motherly Highness.” Thus the lives of women are reduced to a basic procreative function. The plot centres on the way a childless couple, Petronika and Norman, cope with this regime. This tragicomedy written in 1938 seems to be an apt comment on the contemporary world. An absurd story of women, their fears, needs and longings, all set in fascist times.