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Sara Celler Jezierska

About me

I have been working as a full-time actress in the Jerzy Szaniawski Drama Theatre since 2012 and I’ve also worked in a number of other theatres in Kalisz, Sosnowiec and Szczecin during the same period. In total, I’ve had the pleasure of working on 24 different productions, most of which are still running in theatre repertoires.

My stage debut came with the role of Bess McNeill in Maciej Podstawny’s production of “Breaking the Waves” and that was the part for which I won the first individual award of my career at the 53rd Kalisz Theatre Meetings. As well as acting in the project, I was also able to put my knowledge of English to good use by translating into Polish Lars von Trier’s original film script. The fact that I had previously graduated in English Studies before my MA at the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wrocław proved invaluable in this.

These last six years in the Jerzy Szaniawski Drama Theatre have undoubtedly helped me to develop my acting skills and shape my aesthetic sense and I feel privileged that I have been able to work with both debuting and also highly experienced directors. Although I tend to appear mainly in productions targeted at adult audiences, it’s always a thrill for me to meet younger theatre-goers as well.

I am particularly fascinated by interdisciplinarity in theatre and the juxtaposition of different artistic fields. I was involved in a production of “Schubert: A Romantic Composition for Twelve Performers and a String Quartet” by Magdalena Szpecht, which is a good example of this concept as it combines different artistic spheres by intertwining the various sensitivities of musicians, experienced amateurs and professional actors. Another project which went beyond the boundaries of traditional theatre was “NH Wonderland” by Magdalena Miklasz, which was the first time I had encountered puppetry techniques and it also gave me the opportunity to create my first self-made installations.

It is hard to name the parts that I have played as classic or traditional roles. The characters I’ve played – such as Moonochton, the Lost Link, Marina Abramovich and Yanko the Musician – were not exactly conventional theatre creations, but that is what intrigues me most about the theatre. Gender, language and form are only pretexts for me to delve deeper into the dimensions of the character.

The films that I’ve appeared in have mainly involved working with young directors, but I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve also been able to work with Magdalena Łazarkiewicz and Juliusz Machulski. My film work has provided me with a lot of invaluable experience. For example, the part of Laura in Kordian Kądziela’s production of “Lockjaw” was a very interesting one for me since it was the first time I’d come across this form of ‘mockumentary’. In addition, the various workshops that I’ve participated in at the Wajda Film School have also given me the opportunity to work in an international team of filmmakers.


Acting Award for Bess McNeill in „Breaking the Waves” directed by Maciej Podstawny at 53. Kalisz Theatre Meetings

Acting Award for Ensamble in „Zapolska Superstar” at 16th Contemporary Dramaturgy Festival „Reality Presented” in Zabrze

Woszczerowicz Award for „subtly distanced but intensive being” in „Paradise. Tutorial” at 57. Kalisz Theatre Meetings

Acting award for the part of Thomas and the „wisdom and truth” in „Everything is here” at 8th International Festival „Teatralna Karuzela” in Łodź

Acting Award for the performance in „Łauma, the Witch” at 24. National Competition for Staging Contemporary Polish Plays

Acting Award for the performance in „Łauma, the Witch” at 22nd International Festival of Theatres for Children and Younger People Korczak

Acting award for the performance in „Łauma, the Witch” at 18th Contemporary Dramaturgy Festival „Reality Presented” in Zabrze

Acting award for the part of Ajtwar in „Łauma, the Witch” at 9th International Festival „Teatralna Karuzela” in Łódź

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