Szaniawski Drama Theatre in Wałbrzych
Dir. Magdalena Miklasz
Part: Ajtwar / Babcia Rozalia

Inspired by Slavic mythology and the legends of the Baltic region, this is a story about how only empathy, love and a good old Johnny Cash classic can save the world from impending doom.

Dorothy and her father move from Warsaw to Łojmy, in the very heart of Suwałki National Park. Leaving behind the coziness of the capital and the frenetic pace of her previous life, the girl starts to explore her family story and she discovers a new world full of witches and wizards, gods and ghosts. The girl has to become a witch in order to prevent the imminent destruction. An amusing modern fairy tale for the whole family.


Nagroda za rolę w spektaklu “Łauma, czyli czarownica” w 24. Ogólnopolskim Konkursie na Wystawienie Polskiej Sztuki Współczesnej